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January 25, 2010

Yukon musicians advancing their careers

WHITEHORSE – Yukon government’s Film & Sound Commission is awarding $23,000 in funding to seven Yukon artists through the Yukon Sound Recording Program.

“The Yukon Sound Recording Program supports the Yukon recording industry and helps develop this cultural industry,” Economic Development Minister Jim Kenyon said.  “We continue to receive funding applications from a high calibre of Yukon musicians as they work towards building viable businesses and careers.”

Recording artist Nicole Edwards is receiving $2,000 that will go towards the production of a demo recording.

“This is the first time I have been awarded funding through this program and I am very excited about it,” Edwards said. “I have been working with local musician Dave Haddock on this demo which has a blues and R & B influence and will demonstrate my recent work as a songwriter. The Film & Sound Commission was very helpful throughout the process.”

Musician Diyet van Lieshout is awarded $5,000 to produce a full-length recording.

“I wrote the music for this album at my home in Burwash Landing and it is the people and lifestyle of this small First Nation community where I found my inspiration,” van Lieshout said. “This album has a wide variety of original music, including soul, R & B and pop-rock.

“I am very excited about performing at the Olympics as part of the Yukon First Nation contingent. What a great opportunity to show our culture and heritage to the rest of the world.”

Sound Recording Program grants are awarded twice each year with application deadlines of May 1 and November 1.

For more information about the Yukon Sound Recording Program, visit the Yukon Film & Sound Commission at


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Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


MaryRose Metcalfe
Communications, Economic Development



Yukon Sound Recording Program Recipients
November 2009 Intake


Professional Demo Recording – Funding $2,000:

Holger Haustein - Lilly Mammoth Hair
Kim Barlow of Spring Breakup - Big Old Love 
Nicole Edwards - Love Exhibition Expedition
Ryan McNally - Rain Game

Professional Sound Recording – Funding $5,000:

Diyet van Lieshout - The Breaking Point
Genesse Keevil of Sasquatch Prom Date - You Don’t Know What You’re Putting Me Through
Remy Rodden - In The Hills