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FOR RELEASE     #10-002
January 7, 2010

Yukon government encouraged by Joint Review Panel report

WHITEHORSE – The Government of Yukon welcomes the release of “Foundation for a Sustainable Northern Future, Report of the Joint Review Panel for the Mackenzie Gas Project.”

“The Yukon government supports the Joint Review Panel’s conclusion that the North is better off with this project than without it,” Energy, Mines and Resources Minister Archie Lang said. “The government recognizes the many possible benefits and opportunities for Yukoners should the project go ahead.”

In its report, the Joint Review Panel “concluded that the adverse impacts of the Mackenzie Gas Project and the Northwest Alberta Facilities would not likely be significant and that the Project and those Facilities would likely make a positive contribution towards a sustainable northern future.”

The Government of Yukon is currently reviewing the Joint Review Panel’s report to determine if Yukon’s socioeconomic and environmental interests are reflected in the report and addressed in the panel’s recommendations.

Once the government has thoroughly reviewed the report, it will provide comments on the recommended measures to the National Energy Board during the Consult to Modify Process, the next step in the regulatory review. The National Energy Board hearing will resume this April, at which time the Yukon government will present final arguments on technical matters.

Following the hearing’s conclusion, it is expected the board will issue its Reasons for Decision this September. The project will then require federal approval.

“We look forward to working with the Government of the Northwest Territories, the proponents, and others as the project continues through its regulatory review,” Lang added.

The Mackenzie Gas Project includes the development of three northern gas fields; smaller pipelines to transport the gas to Inuvik; a pipeline that would follow the Mackenzie Valley running south from Inuvik to northwestern Alberta; and the facilities in Alberta to connect the pipeline to existing infrastructure.

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