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FOR RELEASE     #09-264
November 12, 2009

Support for Smokers Who Want to Quit

WHITEHORSE – Smokers who need help to become smoke-free will have access to a new enhanced smoking cessation program and nicotine replacement therapy.

“It’s tough to quit smoking,” Health and Social Services Minister Glenn Hart said. “People need different options if they are to succeed at quitting, so we will introduce two new support programs, one of which will provide free nicotine replacement therapy to eligible participants who want it.”

The new programs begin with a two-hour “getting started” information session about the quit process and how to make a quit plan. Participants then have two options: they can select the QuitPath program or QuitPath Plus, both of which will help increase smokers’ chances of becoming smoke-free.

The QuitPath program is for smokers who want to become tobacco-free and don't require professional support. The program is best suited for smokers who want to cut down, or who are ready to become smoke-free in the next six months. Participants receive a work book, bi-monthly newsletters, and telephone support from the tobacco coordinators at Health Promotion.

QuitPath Plus is for smokers who plan to quit within the next 30 days and those who require more help to do so. QuitPath Plus participants receive the basic package, along with four counselling sessions and, if eligible, they may choose to receive free nicotine patches.

“We know the cost of smoking to this territory and we are committed to helping Yukoners live smoke-free,” Hart added. “These two programs provide the help that folks may need to take that final step. We know that access to more options increases the likelihood that smokers will be successful.”

Yukon recently launched a new Smoker’s Helpline in partnership with the federal government and the Canadian Cancer Society.

For more information on the QuitPath programs or on quitting in general, visit



Roxanne Vallevand
Cabinet Communications


Pat Living
Communications, Health & Social Services