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FOR RELEASE     #09-230
September 29, 2009

Yukoners Help To Plan Long-Term Infrastructure Spending

WHITEHORSE – Community Services Minister Archie Lang today announced the release of What We Heard, a document that summarizes the public and stakeholder meetings that were held in the spring to gather input for the Yukon Infrastructure Plan.

“I wish to thank everyone who took the time to meet with our team in communities across Yukon to participate in the development of a long-term infrastructure plan for Yukon,” Lang said. “The project ideas and priorities identified by First Nations governments, municipalities, local advisory councils and Yukon citizens will be considered in the planning process to prioritize projects under the Building Canada fund.”

The consultation helped to confirm the existing state of infrastructure in Yukon, identify needs and gaps, and to identify the most significant 10- to 15-year infrastructure priorities in each community. The meetings included face-to-face meetings with First Nations governments, municipalities, local advisory councils and the public.

The Yukon Infrastructure Plan, which falls under the Building Canada Fund, will be completed this fall and will be used to identify various projects that are eligible for funding beginning in 2009 through to 2014. The plan will focus on five key categories: drinking water, wastewater, solid waste, roads and green energy.

The Government of Yukon will submit Annual Capital Plans to the Government of Canada that outline the proposed projects in each year. Once approved, the Yukon government anticipates that an announcement will be made on next year’s projects in 2010.

Under the plan Government of Yukon is eligible to receive $182.9 million ($26.13 million per year) seven years ending in 2014. Funding will target priority infrastructure projects intended to drive economic growth and productivity, achieve environmental goals, and build strong, sustainable communities. Canada will provide up to 75 per cent of the cost of eligible projects.

What We Heard is available online at




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