Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #09-207
September 3, 2009

Better Public Information on Liquor Licence Applications

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Liquor Board has unveiled a new policy aimed at increasing information to the general public about liquor licence applications.

“The board has listened to concerns expressed during recent hearings for new liquor licences,” Yukon Liquor Board Chair Wayne Cousins said. “We are confident that this approach will make the licensing process more transparent.”

The new Public Advertising and Objections policy sets out requirements for newspaper advertising, including Friday placement where possible to make more information available to the public. Applicants for liquor licences are encouraged to consult with residents and businesses close to the proposed licenced premises, in order to identify and address concerns at an early stage.

The Yukon Liquor Board is arm’s-length from government and is responsible for licensing decisions and hearing appeals of licence suspensions, barring, and permit refusals.

The Yukon Liquor Corporation posts liquor licence application information on its website at


Nathalie Ouellet
Communications, Yukon Liquor Corporation