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FOR RELEASE     #09-205
September 3, 2009

Employee Engagement Survey Results Show Stability

WHITEHORSE – The results of the 2009 Employee Engagement Survey of Yukon government employees, conducted April 20 to May 22, show general stability in the overall level of employee satisfaction compared to last year.

“The Employee Engagement Survey is a valuable tool that shows our organization’s strengths as well as areas for improvement,” Minister responsible for the Public Service Commission Patrick Rouble said. “Just as employee performance evaluations are important, the annual survey is an essential tool when reviewing our organization’s performance.”

A greater number of employees filled out the survey in 2009 compared to 2008. The strong increase in the response rate – 51 per cent compared to 43 per cent last year – represents an increase of 427 respondents. Out of a total 4,513 employees, 2,308 responded to the survey.

“Departments and employees are to be congratulated for their efforts in this area,” Rouble said.

The engagement score is the average of responses that agree or strongly agree with key questions about job satisfaction. Overall, the level of employee engagement is stable at 60 per cent, the same as in 2008. Some departments have had increases and others decreases in engagement scores.  While these changes are not statistically significant, departments will be looking closely at what may have caused them.  

“Departments have made great strides to address issues raised in past surveys,” Rouble said. “While there has been movement, our main areas for action are the same as last year – leadership practices, organizational support, job support and recognition and fair human resource practices. This is not unexpected, given that organizational culture takes years to shift.”

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Roxanne Vallevand
Cabinet Communications


Becky Striegler
Communications, Public Service Commission