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FOR RELEASE     #09-202
September 2, 2009

CDF Projects Reach Across Yukon

WHITEHORSE – The most recent Community Development Fund (CDF) intake awarded over $720,000 to organizations and community groups across Yukon.

“The Community Development Fund is a very flexible funding option,” Economic Development Minister Jim Kenyon said. “This flexibility allows us to support programs that help make Yukon communities better places to live.”

The Village of Carmacks and the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation were awarded $66,542 to support their joint playground development project. The project will support the construction of a new playground in Tew Park and upgrades to an existing playground in the community.

“This funding will help us build a safe, healthy place for kids to play,” Carmacks Mayor Elaine Wyatt said. “The new park is being built in a growing area of town and will see a lot of use by local children.”

“This project is important to us because we have a new generation that has nowhere suitable to play safely,” George Skookum, Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation assistant finance director, said. “The new play equipment purchased with CDF dollars will not only enhance the appearance of the area but also contribute to the community families’ well being. Through the partnership with the village we always strive for that goal.”

This CDF intake also awarded the Yukon Arts Centre (YAC) $26,400 for the purchase of an integrated box office system to facilitate online information and ticket sales for events at the YAC, its gallery and the Old Fire Hall. The system will, among many things, allow the YAC to communicate event information to users and give arts patrons the opportunity to provide feedback to the centre.

YAC staff hopes the new box office system will eventually serve the wide variety of events that are presented throughout Yukon.

“CDF funding is critical to the success of this system, which will become a knowledge hub for our partners and patrons in the arts,” Patrick Matheson, technical director of the YAC said. “The system will give Yukoners the means to receive information about the territory’s events and purchase tickets online. In doing so, we hope that more people will be better able to attend and enjoy the works that are created by our northern cultural industry.”

The Community Development Fund offers three funding levels. Tier 1 funding is available for requests up to $20,000. Tier 2 funding is available for applicants requesting $20,001 to $75,000, and Tier 3 funding is available for requests over $75,000 in funding. The next intake deadline is September 15 for Tier 2 applications.

Organizations are encouraged to contact the CDF office for assistance with their applications and for help developing project ideas.

To learn more about the CDF, visit or contact the CDF office at 867-667-8125 or 1-800-661-0408, ext. 8125.


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Roxanne Vallevand
Cabinet Communications


Sunny Patch
Communications, Economic Development


 Tier 2 Community Development Recipients

Yukon Broomball Association – $26,100 for facility safety and security. Funds will be used to install security fencing to protect the covered broomball rink and to improve safety for the rink users. Funds will pay to install vehicle access barriers to discourage unintended access to the facility. The project will create 192 hours of employment for four people. Contact Chris Bookless at 867-456-6781.

The Dawson Firefighters Association – $75,000 for a cold storage and display facility. Funds will pay to construct a cold storage shelter and display expansion of the existing museum to preserve its rare and valuable collection of municipal firefighting artifacts. The enhanced display will be appropriate for interpretation, viewing and photography. The project will create 1200 hours of employment for five people. Contact Henry Procyk at 867-993-7400.

Dawson Child Care Association – $67,500 for renovations. This project is for an extension to the west side of the existing day care building to house a program for 12 school-age children year around. Contact Vera Holmes at 867-993-5167.

Liard First Nation – $75,000 for a summer culture camp. The purpose of this project is to help teach Watson Lake youth about Kaska culture and traditions, and to create pride in Kaska heritage while promoting education, understanding and self reliance. The project will create 6356 hours of employment for 22 people. Contact Roberta Jules at 867-535-5207.

Village of Carmacks and Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation – $66,542 to construct and upgrade playgrounds. The Village of Carmacks and the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation are jointly seeking financial assistance to develop a new playground that will service the Nordenskoild area of Carmacks, and to upgrade the current playground in the Little Salmon Carmacks community. The project will create 600 hours of employment for two people. Contact Elaine Wyatt at 867-863-6271.

Beaver Creek Community Club – $31,500 to conduct a technical assessment. Funds will pay to hire an engineering firm to conduct a multi-system technical assessment on the Beaver Creek Community Club building. The project will create 140 hours of employment for five people. Contact Patti Cross at 867-862-7277.

Dawson City Arts Society – $41,350 to install a vertical lift at KIAC. The applicant will install a lift in their building (the renovated Odd Fellows Hall) so that patrons with mobility issues can access events that are held on the second floor presentation space. The project will create 808 hours of employment for eight people. Contact Karen DuBois at 867-993-5005.

Watson Lake Riding Association – $24,500 for construction of a compost site and fencing. This project includes site preparation and construction of three compost bins and 2½ acres of new fencing.  The project will create 520 hours of employment for five people. Contact Brenda Cornell at 867-536-7385.

Yukon Arts Centre – $26,400 will be used to purchase and install an integrated box office system for ticket sales, marketing, development, internet sales and financial control. The project will create 215 hours of employment for five people. Contact Al Cushing at 867-667-8577.

Town of Watson Lake – $40,950 for recycling centre upgrades. The money will be used to upgrade the existing recycling centre to include running water, a washroom, utility room and office space.
The project will create 550 hours of employment for five people. Contact Lelah Ngeruka at 867-536-8022.

Yukon Wildlife Preserve Operating Society – $74,992 to construct viewing platforms and interpretive panels. This project will see the construction of six wheelchair-accessible viewing platforms and the design and production of 14 interpretive panels about the plants, mammals, birds and ecosystems of the Yukon. The project will create 725 hours of employment for four people. Contact Krista Prochazka at 867-456-7313.

Grey Mountain Housing Society – $51,300 to create a long-term sustainability plan. This project is intended to make recommendations to solve Grey Mountain Housing Society's (GMHS) current and long term sustainability issues. GMHS will develop a long-term action plan aimed at ensuring its continued existence. The project will create 490 hours of employment for six people. Contact Heather Saggers at 867-633-4880.

Klondike Active Trails AND Transport Society – $45,545 to improve the 9th avenue trail. Funds will pay to continue trail development from Mary McLeod Road to at least Duke Street, as well as starting work on the Crocus Bluff Trail, which connects with the 9th avenue trail. The project will create 960 hours of employment for four people. Contact Alex Brook at 867-993-2773.

Raven Recycling Society – $75,000 to contribute to an upgrade the customer service drop off area. Contact Danny Lewis at 867-667-7269.


 Klondike MLA Steve Nordick congratulates the Dawson Child Care Association on their $67,500 for renovations to expand their building.


Klondike MLA Steve Nordick congratulates Karen DuBois, Executive Director for the Dawson City Arts Society for $41,350 to install a vertical lift in their building so that patrons with mobility issues can access events held on the second floor.