Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #09-163
July 13, 2009

Government of Yukon Supports Musicians

WHITEHORSE – Yukon government’s Film and Sound Commission is awarding $29,000 in funding to 10 Yukon artists through the Yukon Sound Recording Program.

“Diversification is fundamental to the future of Yukon’s economy and our music industry is a large part of our arts and culture sector,” Economic Development Minister Jim Kenyon said. “I am encouraged to see so many Yukon musicians taking a business focus as they develop their careers in this industry.”

Recording artist Genesee Keevil and her rockabilly band Sasquatch Prom Date are receiving $2,000 in funding that will go towards the production of a demo recording.

“We plan to use the demo to apply for festival performances throughout Yukon and B.C., and later take it further abroad,” Keevil said. “The funding will help us put something polished together and also gives us a chance to learn more about music production using a professional studio.”

Dennis Allen, another recording artist, has been awarded $5,000 in funding to produce a full-length recording.

“This is my second album and it is all original music that you might call Americana. Next summer I want to promote the album at festivals and hope to get some air play from that,” Allen said. “If I can get some representation and have my songs recognized by established artists, then I know I’m doing well.

“This was the first time that I applied for funding through the Film and Sound Commission and the whole process went very smoothly for me with lots of help from staff,” Allen added.

Sound Recording Program grants are awarded twice each year with applications accepted May 1 and November 1.

For more information about the Yukon Sound Recording Program, visit the Yukon Film and Sound Commission website at


Attachment: List of Sound Recording Program recipients, May 2009

Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications
MaryRose Metcalfe
Communications, Economic Development


Yukon Sound Recording Program Recipients
May 2009 Intake

Professional Sound Recording – Funding up to $5,000:
Charles Hegsted of Proverbial
Ben Mahony
Dennis Allen

Professional Demo Recording – Funding up to $2,000:

Jordan Schmidt
Kelvin Smoler
Cole Hume of Sanktuary
Cate Innish of Hot Flash
Lara Lewis
Ed White
Genesee Keevil of Sasquatch Prom Date