Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #09-162
July 7, 2009

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Dawson Wastewater Treatment Plant

DAWSON -The City of Dawson and Yukon government announced today that a contract has been signed with Vancouver-based Corix Water Systems for the design and construction of a wastewater treatment plant for Dawson.

“We are very pleased to announce this significant project milestone,” Highways and Public Works minister Archie Lang said. “The project is just one example of the Yukon government’s commitment to investing in Yukon communities and infrastructure.”

"On behalf of my constituents, I am particularly happy to see this project making real progress towards solving a long-standing issue for this community,” Klondike Region MLA Steve Nordick said. “Many hours of careful research and collaboration have gone into selecting a technology that will meet Dawson’s needs for a long-term, sustainable, and affordable solution.”

“I am confident we have found a contractor and a design that can meet the city’s needs,” Dawson City mayor John Steins said. “We are pleased to see Corix Water Systems join the project team and expect our strong partnership with Yukon government will continue through the final design, construction and commissioning stages.”

“On behalf of our project partners we would like to express how thrilled we are to join the Dawson Wastewater project team,” Corix Water Systems vice-president and chief operating officer Jack Touhey said. “With over 65 years in the business, we understand the importance of such key infrastructure to communities of all sizes. We look forward to working with both the City of Dawson and Yukon government as well as our local business partners as this project moves forward.”

Representatives from the City of Dawson, Yukon government and Corix Water Systems will be present at the ceremony. Discussions among the three parties will now begin to finalize the design of the plant and proceed with an environmental assessment. A technical briefing will take place in the coming weeks to share more in-depth project details.

Ongoing project information can be found at


Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications

Catherine Harwood
Project Manager, Highways & Public Works

John Steins
Dawson City Mayor
David Speed, P.Eng.
Director, Sales and Marketing
Corix Water Systems

Joanne Thomson
Marketing Manager
Corix Water Systems