Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #09-124
May 21, 2009

Joint Initiative to Promote Fabric Shopping Bag Use in Yukon

WHITEHORSE – Yukon shoppers will soon be able to use a special reusable fabric shopping bag developed in partnership with the Whitehorse and Yukon chambers of commerce and the City of Whitehorse, Environment Minister Elaine Taylor announced today.

“Waste reduction is something each of us can do to reduce our impact on the environment, including our contributions to climate change,” Taylor said. “The Yukon government is pleased to partner with the business community and the City of Whitehorse on this new initiative that will further promote the three Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle.”

“We also know there are many businesses in Whitehorse that have been offering their own bags and we hope that we can support their efforts as well. Our main goal is to encourage shoppers to start the habit of using the bags whenever they go to the store,” Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce president Rick Karp said.

Mayor Bev Buckway said the City of Whitehorse also supports the move to reduce the use of disposable shopping bags as it will cut down on litter and help keep plastic out the city’s landfill.

“The reduction of plastic bags will complement the number of sustainable initiatives already underway at the city, including improvements to our curbside waste collection system,” Buckway said. “City waste collection will be using carts, which means residents no longer have to use plastic and compost bags. I encourage all Whitehorse residents to consider switching to reusable shopping bags if they haven’t done so already.”

The new initiative also has the full support of the Yukon Chamber of Commerce.

“This really is a good news story and we will be encouraging our chamber members in the rural communities to consider similar programs,” Yukon Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Dave Austin said. “We can eventually see other chambers of commerce in Yukon’s other communities offering similar bags.”

Yukon businesses can contact the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce at 867-667-7545 to request bags for their customers.


Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


Dennis Senger
Communications, Environment


Rick Karp, President
Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce


Dave Austin, President
Yukon Chamber of Commerce


Sabine Schweiger, Coordinator
City of Whitehorse Environmental Services Branch