Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #09-123
May 21, 2009

Launch of ‘Protect Yourself, Protect Your Drink’ Campaign

WHITEHORSE – Justice Minister and Minister responsible for the Women’s Directorate Marian C. Horne, Minister responsible for the Yukon Liquor Corporation Brad Cathers, as well as representatives from Yukon College today co-launched the government’s Protect Yourself, Protect Your Drink campaign.

The campaign’s intent is to warn Yukoners about the presence of date rape drugs in Yukon and to urge people to take steps to protect themselves from being inadvertently drugged.

“We are implementing this public health and safety awareness campaign to help Yukoners learn about the risks of leaving drinks unattended in restaurants, in bars or at social events,” Horne said. “The campaign will also help to educate Yukoners on how to better protect themselves from being victimized by date rape drugs.”

The Protect Yourself, Protect Your Drink campaign is using posters to demonstrate scenarios in which inadvertent drugging may take place.  People may then see themselves or people they care about in these vulnerable scenarios and can take the appropriate precautions to ensure they are not victimized.

“Front-line servers are often in the best position to notice if someone is acting strangely and to help them make safe choices,” Cathers said. “The Be a Responsible Server course helps train bar staff to recognize the signs and symptoms of someone who may have been drugged and suggests ways they can respond.”

The campaign will also distribute coasters with information about the signs and symptoms of being drugged.  These coasters encourage people to seek medical attention right away if they believe this may have happened to them or a companion.  The coasters include the phone number for VictimLINK, a 24-hour toll-free service which provides victims of crime with access to Yukon information and referral services.

"Yukon College has a responsibility to inform students and works to support their well-being. Educating them on the dangers and presence of Rohypnol and other so-called date rape drugs in Yukon is a significant piece of this effort," Colleen Wirth, director of Student Services, said. “Partnering with community groups, Yukon College Student Services is endeavouring to build an educated, safe and healthy community of learners.”


Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications


Brenda Barnes
Communications, Women’s Directorate


Jacqueline Bedard
College Relations & International
Yukon College