Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #09-122
May 20, 2009

Funds Support Environmental Awareness in Yukon

WHITEHORSE – Environment Minister Elaine Taylor is pleased to announce that seven registered, non-government organizations will receive funding to further their efforts in educating the public about Yukon’s natural environment, promoting conservation and biodiversity, and encouraging sustainable use of fish, wildlife and their habitat.

“The Government of Yukon is pleased to help community-based groups with their efforts in educating Yukoners about our environment,” Taylor said. “Each of us can and should play a part in preserving and maintaining our biologically diverse, natural environment.”

The Environmental Awareness Fund awards up to $30,000 each year, with a maximum of $5,000 per project. For 2009-10, a total of $29,992 has been awarded to the following groups: Bringing Youth Towards Equality (B.Y.T.E.), Faro Art and Recreation Association, Teslin Recreation Society, Tides Canada Initiatives Society, Yukon Bird Club, Yukon Conservation Society, and Yukon Science Institute.

Projects include climate change workshops for youth, bird banding and migration monitoring, free interpretive hikes, and guest speakers about research and science in Yukon.

"We believe this funding represents our government's support for our youth's environmental initiatives and promotes environmentally-conscious business practices," Simon Lisaingo, an organizer of the Faro Kettle project, said.

In Teslin, the organizer of the Youth Environmental Adventure and Heritage Plan is pleased too. “Funding for this project will promote the development of leaders in environmental stewardship through encouraging a sense of self identity, esteem and abilities,” Nataschaa Chatterton, Recreation Programmer for the village, said.


See successful applicants of the 2009-10 Environmental Awareness Fund intake below.

Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications
Nancy Campbell
Communications, Environment


Successful Applicants of the 2009-10 Environmental Awareness Fund Intake

  • Bringing Youth Towards Equality received $5,000 to offer interactive, experiential and fun climate change workshops in both French and English. In an earlier survey of youth, climate change was the number two issue they wanted to learn more about. Up to 500 youth, ages 12-18, will benefit from this project.
    Contact: Rachel Parks at 867-667-7975.


  • Faro Arts & Recreation Association received $1,132 for several projects: an interactive workshop for high-school students about ethical and environmentally friendly business practices; a public lecture about the environmentally friendly practices of the Faro Kettle; and purchase of a commercial size composter for use by students.
    Contact: Simon Lisaingo at 867-994-2760.


  • Teslin Recreation Society received $5,000 to deliver the Youth Environmental Adventure and Heritage Plan that will promote environmental awareness, outdoor survival skills and cultural renewal. It will help youth appreciate the cultural, social and economic values of the environment as well as develop leadership skills.
    Contact: Nataschaa Chatterton at 867-390-2530.


  • Tides Canada Initiatives Society received $5,000 to deliver 30 GreenThink workshops to Grades 1-4 throughout Yukon to promote conservation and greenhouse gas reduction. These sessions use story and interactive activities to engage children in developing positive attitudes toward the environment and encourage them to take action.
    Contact: 867-668-7379


  • Yukon Bird Club received $5,000 to support the activities of the bird observatories at McIntyre Creek, Teslin Lake and Albert Creek, including scientific research and public education. A technical report will be produced once all data is gathered for the year.
    Contact: Ted Murphy-Kelly at 867-456-7431.


  • Yukon Conservation Society received $5,000 to offer a free interpretive hikes program to provide the public with enjoyable recreation opportunities while learning about the environment as well as foster a ‘sense of place’ and responsibility towards the environment.
    Contact: Georgia Greetham at 867-668-5678.


  • Yukon Science Institute (YSI) received $3,860 to maintain the Yukon-wide scope of the YSI’s scientific lecture series that promote awareness of research and science in Yukon. The funds will allow four communities to host a public lecture.
    Contact: Lori Schroeder at 867-667-7899.