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FOR RELEASE     #09-120
May 15, 2009

Talks to Review and Finalize Contract Terms for City of Dawson’s Wastewater

WHITEHORSE – Dawson City officials and the Government of Yukon have announced that significant progress has been made towards the installation of a wastewater treatment system in Dawson City.

“This key project is essential to protecting the environment and improving Dawson’s City’s wastewater infrastructure in a manner that is sustainable,” Highways and Public Works Minister Archie Lang said. “Finding the right solution has been a challenge and I’m pleased that Dawson City and the Yukon government have worked together to get the job done.”

“This has been a long time coming, so we’re both pleased and relieved,” City of Dawson Mayor John Steins said. “Municipal and territorial staff have put a lot into this project and I commend the quality of their work and perseverance. Our concern has always been to find a long-term solution from an environmental, financial and staffing perspective. Working together, we have achieved this objective.”

Detailed contractual discussions between municipal and territorial representatives and Corix Water Systems are now underway to finalize contract terms.

“Selecting the best possible solution for Dawson came about through a detailed, thorough and fair process,” Klondike MLA Steve Nordick said. “We’re encouraged that a number of Yukon-based companies will be involved in this project including Han Construction Ltd., Dorward Engineering, Streamline Architects, EBA, and other mechanical and electrical sub-contractors from the territory.”

Corix Water Systems, the lead contractor for this project, has over 65 years of utility design and construction experience and maintains offices in 29 Canadian locations. The company is focused on water and wastewater system design and development. Corix’s major technology partner for this project is Noram Engineering and Constructors Ltd. Noram has been operating out of Vancouver, British Columbia since 1988. It employs 170 engineers, technologists and trades persons, and maintains an international client list.

From many available options, Corix selected one of Noram’s innovative in-ground biological reactor models as the best solution for Dawson City’s wastewater treatment needs. This technology is ideal for Dawson’s cold winter climate; Corix’s energy-saving technologies and expertise will help the city minimize operating and maintenance costs. Many features of this project address objectives outlined in the Government of Yukon’s Energy Strategy and its Climate Change Action Plan.

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Roxanne Vallevand
Cabinet Communications
Catherine Harwood
Senior Advisor, Highways & Public Works