Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #09-074
March 20, 2009

Yukon’s Asian Investment Attraction Expanding to Japan

WHITEHORSE – Yukon government is expanding its 2009-10 investment attraction efforts into the Japanese market.

“New investment capital is critical to economic growth enabling businesses to expand operations, pursue new opportunities and explore potential,” Economic Development Minister Jim Kenyon said. “Our relationship with China has proved extremely successful and now it is time to expand our investment attraction strategy towards Japan.”

Japanese companies are now expressing strong interest in Yukon’s known mineral deposits and continue their interest in Yukon as a favourite destination for Japanese travelers. In addition, Japan has expressed interest in Yukon’s forest industry as well as Yukon as a possible location for research and innovation.

“It is a priority of the Yukon government to strengthen Yukon’s economy and to encourage private sector growth through the attraction and capture of external investment,” Kenyon added.

For several years, the Economic Development department has facilitated meetings and nurtured potential partnerships between Asian investors and Yukon mining companies. Significant investment arrangements and strategic alliances have been achieved between Yukon-based companies and Chinese investors.

By expanding investment attraction efforts to Japan, and by building on the existing relationships with China and Korea, the Yukon government is continuing to raise awareness of the many investment opportunities in the territory.

Investment attraction efforts will continue throughout 2009 and will include trade show attendance, meeting facilitation and possibly site visits in Yukon.

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Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications
MaryRose Metcalfe
Communications, Economic Development