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FOR RELEASE     #09-056
March 10, 2009

Good Energy Rebate Program will Continue to Help Reduce Energy Costs

WHITEHORSE – Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Brad Cathers today announced the renewal of the Good Energy Rebate Program for the 2009/10 fiscal year, pending legislative approval.

“The success of the Good Energy Program is encouraging and is an important element in the Yukon government’s effort to help Yukoners lower their energy costs,” Cathers said. “This program supports our Energy Strategy by helping Yukoners choose efficient products that can reduce their energy costs and consumption.”

The program, launched in August 2008 through the Energy Solutions Centre, provides cash rebates ranging from $100 to $500 on high-efficiency kitchen and laundry appliances, solar domestic hot water systems, pellet and wood stoves, oil and propane furnaces and boilers, and outboard boat motors.

To date, 653 applications for rebates have been accepted including 522 for Energy Star® rated household appliances, 211 energy efficient heating appliances and 25 low emission boat motors.

The products must meet specific energy efficiency requirements to be eligible for the rebate. A number of industry standards for efficiency and emissions are used, including Energy Star® and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification.

Changes in the program for the upcoming year include an increase in the energy efficiency requirements for oil heating appliances from 83 per cent to 85 per cent, a new rebate of $100 for drain water heat recovery systems and a new rebate of $300 for EPA - White Tag rated wood boiler systems. These changes will apply to Good Energy product purchases after March 31.

Eligible Good Energy products are available at many Yukon retailers. Rebate forms and program information are available at Yukon
retailers or at the Energy Solutions Centre. The Energy Solutions Centre can be contacted by calling 393-7063 or toll-free at 1-800-662-0408 ext. 7063, or by visiting



See backgrounder below.

Roxanne Vallevand
Cabinet Communications
Ron Billingham
Communications, Energy, Mines & Resources

Backgrounder: Good Energy eligible products, rebate amounts and eligibility criteria




Rebate available 

Eligibility criteria

Home Appliances


$200 in non-hydro communities*
$100 in hydro communities  

Energy Star®

Energy Star®



$200 in non-hydro communities*
$100 in hydro communities  

Energy Star® 

Energy Star®


Clothes Washers 

$200 in non-hydro communities*
$100 in hydro communities  

Energy Star® 

Energy Star®


Dish Washers 

$200 in non-hydro communities*
$100 in hydro communities

Energy Star® 

Energy Star®


Heating Appliances 

Woodstove, wood furnaces/boilers and oil monitors  


Woodstove/furnaces: EPA 40 CFR
Part 60 or CSA - B415.1-M92 approved;
Wood boilers: EPA White Tag certified


Wood pellet stoves, pellet furnaces/boilers  


ULC certified


Heat recovery ventilator  


Certified by the Home Ventilating Institute


Oil furnaces and boilers  

$500 - oil furnace/boiler 90% efficiency 
$300 - oil furnace/boiler 85% efficiency

Energy Star® 90% AFUE or better

Energy Star® 85% AFUE or better


Oil furnaces for mobile homes   

$250 - 80% AFUE or better 

80.0% AFUE or better


Propane furnaces and boilers  

$500 - Propane furnace/boiler 92% efficiency
$300 - Propane furnace/boiler 90% efficiency


Energy Star® 92% AFUE or better

Energy Star® 90% AFUE or better

Water Heating 

Solar hot water heating systems 

$500 - solar domestic hot water system 

Tied to federal Eco-Energy for Homes Program


Drain Water Heat Recovery System (DWHRS)

$100 - DWHRS

Tied to federal Eco-Energy for Homes Program (eligibility list established)



Outboard motors  

$250 - less than 30 hp
$500 - 30 hp or greater  

California Air Resources Board (CARB) 3 star rating

*Non-hydro communities: Beaver Creek, Burwash Landing, Destruction Bay, Old Crow, Upper Liard and Watson Lake.