Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #09-052
March 9, 2009

Community Development Fund Awards $263,000 to 19 Projects

WHITEHORSE – Nineteen projects in Yukon communities have been awarded over $263,000 from Economic Development’s Community Development Fund.

“It is impressive to see so many groups getting involved in community projects across Yukon,” Economic Development Minister Jim Kenyon said. “The groups receiving this funding are working on a wide variety of projects tackling everything from facility upgrades to training programs. They are all excellent examples of Yukoners’ dedication to community involvement.”

The Association of Yukon Communities is receiving $20,000 in funding to create and distribute a short educational DVD designed to increase participation in local government.

“It can be challenging to find individuals to run for council in Yukon communities. If we have more people getting involved in local government, we stand to build capacity, create a competitive environment, and utilize and develop new skills within our communities,” Association of Yukon Communities Executive Director Tom Paterson said. “We think this DVD will be an effective tool to reach out to residents of all communities with locally elected governments.”

The Whitehorse Heritage Society is another successful applicant, receiving $4,111 to develop business and marketing skills for multicultural Yukon communities.

"We believe it is important that new immigrants have opportunities to fully participate and integrate into Yukon's culture and lifestyle. There are many new immigrants coming to Whitehorse and this gives everyone an opportunity to learn and understand other cultures,” Whitehorse Heritage Festival Society Vice President Deb Jutra said.

"This project will provide marketing and business training that our multicultural communities can utilize at any number of Yukon festivals and events. Everything from food, arts, crafts and imported products from around the world can be shared with Yukoners," Jutra added.

The Community Development Fund offers three funding levels. Tier 1 funding is available for requests up to $20,000. Tier 2 funding is available for applicants requesting $20,001 to $75,000, and Tier 3 funding is available for requests over $75,000. The next intake deadline is May 15 for both Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications.

Organizations are encouraged to contact the Community Development Fund (CDF) office for assistance with their applications and development of project ideas.

To learn more about the CDF, visit or contact 867-667-8125.


Attachment:  List of Tier 1 projects funded

Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications
MaryRose Metcalfe
Communications, Economic Development

Tier I Community Development Fund Recipients

Association of Yukon Communities received $20,000 to create and distribute a short educational DVD designed to increase participation in local government. The project will create 300 hours of employment for nine people.  Contact: Tom Paterson at 867-668-4388

Carcross Community & Curling Club received $18,000 to upgrade the old furnace and oil tank, bring the fire suppression system up to code, and other small repairs.  Contact: Rhonda Passmore at 867-821-3181

Carcross/Tagish First Nation received $20,000 to build networks and alliances within the community of Carcross in order to promote social and economic prosperity. The project will create 480 hours of employment for one person.  Contact: Lawrie Crawford at 867-821-8211

City of Dawson received $8,023 to put on a four-day heritage celebration Doors Open Dawson that will include workshops, presentations, displays and building tours. The project will create 269 hours of employment for 10 people.  Contact: Jay Armitage at 867-993-7400

City of Whitehorse received $20,000 to host the Canadian Capital Cities Organization Conference in Whitehorse in August. The project will create 300 hours of employment for six people.  Contact: Harmony Hunter at 867-668-8629

Conservation Klondike Society received $12,046 to develop a community garden in Dawson with 28 raised beds to promote local food production and a more sustainable lifestyle. The project will create 120 hours of employment for one person.  Contact: Cholena Smart at 867-993-6666

Crestview Community Association received $12,000 to scope out the technical requirements of developing a non-motorized commuter trail route connecting Crestview to Porter Creek which would allow pedestrians to safely traverse the Alaska Highway. Phase 1 of this project will create 100 hours of employment for four people.  Contact: Donna Milne at 867-667-5721

First Nation of Na-cho Nyäk Dun received $19,995 for a Historic Overland Trail Reconnaissance Trip that includes travelling halfway along the historic trail between Mayo and Fort McPherson as the first step in a larger program to rebuild cultural ties to traditional territories and First Nation relatives. The project will create 440 hours of employment for six people.  Contact: Art Hoogland at 867-996-2956

Junction Arts & Music Society received $19,696 to obtain detailed architectural and sound system design, create tender documents, and coordinate tender process for improvements to the Convention Centre's Grand Hall. The project will create 189 hours of employment for two people.  Contact: Yolande Cherapak at 867-634-2366

Marsh Lake Community Society received $6,322 to purchase a PA and an audio system for use in recreational and social activities at the Marsh Lake Community Centre.  Contact: Greg Newton at 867-660-4999

Northern Film & Video Industry Association received $15,662 to purchase a lighting system that can be used by local independent filmmakers, instructors, beginner filmmakers and industry professionals.  Contact: Jessica Hall at 867-456-2978

Recreation & Parks Association Yukon received $18,200 to provide pool managers and staff in rural Yukon communities with the opportunity to receive on-the-job training and mentoring from experienced aquatic specialists. The project will create 400 hours of employment for three people.  Contact: Richele Bauer at 867-667-4873

Teslin Historical & Museum Society received $9,328 to trench an electrical cable to the radio repeater station building exhibit that will help to properly light the exhibit and remediate the land where the trench was dug. The project will create 78 hours of employment for three people.  Contact: Sharron Chatterton at 867-390-2042

Town of Faro received $12,218 to add swimming pool safety equipment and enhance pool equipment to include a new slide and tools that stimulate learning, fun and exploration in a safe, supportive aquatic environment. The project will create 1,160 hours of employment for three people.  Contact: Jessica Guest at 867-994-2728

Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club received $8,640 to assess, review and improve the Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club's business model and ensure the long-term sustainability of the club. The project will create 140 hours of employment for one person.  Contact: Mike Gladish at 867-668-4477

Whitehorse Heritage Festival Society received $4,111 to provide food safe, small business and marketing training to members of the Yukon's ethnocultural communities so that they can participate in heritage festivals and cottage industires. The project will create 40 hours of employment for one person.  Contact: Deb Jutra at 867-334-9596

Yukon Child Care Association received $5,859 to develop a travelling display featuring drawings by Yukon children to be used for community engagement and discussion about the importance of early childhood development. The display will travel to three Yukon communities. The project will create 100 hours of employment for 10 people.  Contact: Kate Swales at 867-668-8794

Yukon Historical & Museums Association received $13,686 to host Governing the Yukon Conference 2009, the Yukon Historical Museum Associations biennial conference. The project will create 230 hours of employment for nine people.  Contact: Erin Wall at 867-667-4704

Yukon Kennel Club received $19,386 to develop a marketing strategy designed to promote the annual Yukon Kennel Club International Dog Show. The project will create 168 hours of employment for two people.  Contact: Lise Farynowski at 867-668-6634