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Index of Regulations
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New Regulations

Explanatory Note: The Regulations of the Yukon are consolidated 4 times per year. This means that approximately every 3 months, updates are made to the Regulations to include any new Regulations or changes to existing Regulations. The consolidated Regulations of the Yukon can be accessed under Acts and Regulations or under Index of Regulations.

The consolidated Regulations and the Index of Regulations are current to March 31, 2017 and any regulations enacted after that date are listed here as “new” and are also listed  as “new” in the Index of Regulations and under Acts and Regulations.


Order No.

Effective Date of Order

Area Development Act - Amends M.O. 2015/18

M.O. 2017/17

18 May 2017

Assessment and Taxation Act - Local Improvement Tax Regulation, 2017

O.I.C. 2017/81

28 Apr 2017

Conflict of Interest (Members and Ministers) Act - Establishes the remuneration for David Phillip Jones, Q.C. as member of the Conflict of Interest Commission as well as the minimum aggregate remuneration for the member of the Conflict of Interest Commission (Repeals O.I.C. 2014/108)

O.I.C. 2017/101

25 May 2017

Education Act - Establishes hours for voting at the Yukon Francophone School Board by-election (Repeals O.I.C. 2017/09)

O.I.C. 2017/82

28 Apr 2017

Government Organisation Act - Government Organisation Regulation (Animal Health Act)

O.I.C. 2017/102

25 May 2017

Government Organisation Act - Amends O.I.C. 2014/174

O.I.C. 2017/103

25 May 2017

Health Information Privacy and Management Act - Designates types of personal health information as YHIN information

M.O. 2017/20

08 Jun 2017

Health Information Privacy and Management Act - Eligibility to be an authorized user custodian

M.O. 2017/21

08 Jun 2017

Placer Mining Act and Quartz Mining Act - Amends O.I.C. 2017/26 (expression April 30, 2017 changed to April 30, 2018)

O.I.C. 2017/83

28 Apr 2017

Seniors Income Supplement Act - Seniors Benefit Regulation is made (O.I.C. 2008/182 is repealed)

O.I.C. 2017/121

01 Jul 2017

Wildlife Act - Regulation amending the Wildlife Regulation (2017)

O.I.C. 2017/104

01 Apr 2018