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Index of Regulations
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New Regulations

Explanatory Note: The Regulations of the Yukon are consolidated 4 times per year. This means that approximately every 3 months, updates are made to the Regulations to include any new Regulations or changes to existing Regulations. The consolidated Regulations of the Yukon can be accessed under Acts and Regulations or under Index of Regulations.

The consolidated Regulations and the Index of Regulations are current to June 30, 2019 and any regulations enacted after that date are listed here as “new” and are also listed  as “new” in the Index of Regulations and under Acts and Regulations.


Order No.

Effective Date of Order

Area Development Act - Establishes permitted uses of Lot 9, Plan 90-25 LTO under the Pine Lake Recreational Development Area Regulation

M.O. 2019/20

25 Jul 2019

Area Development Act - Rezones subject lot 1198, Quad 105D/02, Plan 2011-0035 LTO (Carcross Development Area Regulation)

M.O. 2019/31

02 Oct 2019

Criminal Code (Canada) Act - Order approving program (appearance by agent)

O.I.C. 2019/149

19 Sep 2019

Education Labour Relations Act - Adjudicator Remuneration Regulation

O.I.C. 2019/127

31 Jul 2019

Government Organisation Act - Amends O.I.C. 2003/275

O.I.C. 2019/122

18 Jul 2019

Government Organisation Act - Amends O.I.C. 2014/174

O.I.C. 2019/148

11 Sep 2019

Health Act - Yukon Hospital Corporation Loan Regulation

O.I.C. 2019/121

18 Jul 2019

Health Professions Act - Pharmacists Regulation

O.I.C. 2019/97

01 Aug 2019

Oil and Gas Act - Renewal terms of permit held by Chance Oil and Gas Limited

M.O. 2019/27

30 Aug 2019

Pharmacists Act - Pharmacists Fee Regulation and the Drug Regulation are repealed

O.I.C. 2019/98

01 Aug 2019

Placer Mining Act and Quartz Mining Act - Amends the Prohibition of Entry on Certain Lands (Ross River Area) Order

O.I.C. 2019/123

08 Jul 2019

Public Service Labour Relations Act - Adjudicator Remuneration Regulation

O.I.C. 2019/128

31 Jul 2019