Government of Yukon

Highways and Public Works

A to Z forms

 Access to Information and Protection of Privacy

 Request for Access to Records
         Bilingual PDF (YG4552)

 Request for Correction of Personal Information
         Bilingual PDF (YG4553)


 Permit to Operate a Vehicle on the Airside of An Airport
         Bilingual PDF (yg4591)

 Carrier Compliance Permits

 Special Non-TAC Configuration Permit
         English French PDF (YG6390)

 Motor Vehicles 

 Bill of Sale
         English French PDF (YG6095)

 Driver Abstract Request Form
         English French PDF (YG5947)

 Driver's License - 90 Day Temporary or Duplicate
         English French PDF (YG6112)

 Driver's Licence - Letter of Confirmation/Experience Request
         English French PDF (YG6056)

 Driver's License - Renewal
         English French PDF (YG6427)

 Driver's Licence/GIC - Change of Gender Designation
         Bilingual PDF (YG6305)

 Driver's License/GIC - Consent - Applicants Under 18
         English French PDF (YG5729)

 Driver's License/GIC - Consent - Change of Gender Designation
         Bilingual PDF (YG6304)

 GIC (General Identification Card) - Application for Duplicate
         English French PDF (YG6094)

 GDL Driver Record and Declaration
         English French PDF (YG4885)

 Guarantor Declaration (in lieu of photo/signature identification)
         English French PDF (YG5728)

 Motor Vehicle Search Request
         English French PDF (YG3704)

 Personalized Licence Plate - Application
         Bilingual PDF (YG4978)

 Vehicle Impoundment - Application for Review
         Bilingual PDF (YG4759)

 Veteran Plate Eligibility - Application
         English French PDF (YG5236)

 National Safety Code

 Confirmation of Insurance
         Bilingual PDF (YG5572)

 Designation as Inspection Facility - Application
         English French PDF (YG4155)

 Safety Rating Certificate - Application
         English French PDF (YG4770)

 Procurement Services

 Commodities Vendor Index
         Bilingual PDF (YG1990)

 Procurement Support Centre

 Statutory Declaration - Certificate of Substantial Performance
         English PDF (YG3747)

 Statutory Declaration - Certificate of Total Performance
         English PDF (YG3800)

 Statutory Declaration - Progress Claim
         English PDF (YG3799)

 Risk Management Office

 Claims Statement
         English French PDF (YG6383)

  Waiver, Release, and Indemnification Agreement
         English French PDF (YG6469)

 Road Programs

 Resource Access Road Program - Application and Requirements
         English French PDF (YG6116)

 Rural Road Upgrade Program Application Form
         English French PDF (YG6117)

 Rural Road Maintenance Program Application Form
         English French PDF (YG6118)

 Spring Litter Campaign

 Spring Litter Campaign - Application Form
         English PDF ()

 Spring Litter Campaign - Invoice
         English PDF ()

 Spring Litter Campaign - Cleanup Sections - Whitehorse
         English PDF ()

 Spring Litter Campaign - Cleanup Sections - Communities
         English PDF ()