Government of Yukon

Government Services

Departments and Corporations

  Community Services

Yukon Home Owners Grant, Building, Development and Plumbing, Business Corporations, Change of Address, Insurance Act, Personal Property Security and more...

 Economic Development

Filmmaker fund applications, Sound recording applications.


Catholic Pastoral Reference, GradCorp Application and Teacher Faith Letter.

 Energy, Mines and Resources

Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Lands and Oil and Gas.


Environment Youth Programs, Water, Wilderness Tourism Licensing.

 Executive Council Office

Office of the Premier, Boards and Committees, Youth Directorate


Direct Deposit Form, Tax Forms.

 Health and Social Services

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates, Child Care, Public Health and Safety and Senior Services.

 Highways and Public Works

Access to Information and Protection of Privacy, Motor Vehicles, Driver Control Board, Business Incentive, Contract Services and Procurement Services.


Small Claims Court, Guardianship and Garnishment.

 Public Service Commission

Environment Youth Programs.

 Tourism and Culture

Arts, Historic Sites, Tourism and Culture.

 Women's Directorate

 Yukon Housing Corporation

Home Owner Grant.

 Yukon Liquor Corporation

Liquor Act.

 Yukon Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board