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Government of Yukon public engagements and how to get involved.

Visit YESAB and Yukon Water Board for more ways to share your views.

Societies Act and regulations (October 13 to November 10)

How do I participate?
After reviewing the issues identified in the pre-engagement, there are several options to share your thoughts:

  • Drop-in or join a focus group at one of our open houses:

Friday, Oct. 27
Westmark Whitehorse
201 Wood Street, Ballrooms 1 & 2
10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Focus group – 1-2 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 28
Westmark Whitehorse
201 Wood Street, Ballrooms 1 & 2
10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Focus group – 11–12 p.m. 

  • Written submission
    Whether you can join us in person or not, we invite you to provide your feedback in writing on the issues identified in the pre-engagement or other issues that affect your organization to Corporate Affairs, 307 Black St., C6, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2N1 or by email to by November 10, 2017.
  • Remote participation
    If you live in a community outside Whitehorse, please let us know if you are interested in participating remotely by emailing by October 20 and we will explore options.

What is this engagement about?
The Government of Yukon would like to modernize the regulatory structure that societies operate in to better meet present and future needs. We are inviting society members, law firms and the public to provide their input on key issues regarding the existing Societies Act and regulations. We are also seeking input on how to streamline processes while maintaining transparency and accountability.

How will my input make a difference?
Sharing your experience will help us better understand societies’ overall needs and concerns as we move towards modernizing this legislation.

Where can I find related information? 
Societies have identified the following issues with the current legislation: Societies Act issues report >> 289 KB PDF

Where can I find results?
We will post a summary of the feedback we receive on this site, as well as on Corporate Affairs’ Societies home page.

Give your feedback on the engagement process
Feedback on this engagement process can be sent to

Looking for your thoughts on the school calendar (Closed, results pending)

We are developing a four-year school calendar for Yukon schools and want input on important dates for the start of school, Christmas and March break, the length of the school day, school year and summer break.

The Government of Yukon encourages all students, parents, school staff, school councils and community members to participate.

Participate in the survey >>

Review the 2017/18 school calendar of important dates >>

Read the news release and quick facts >>

Phase 2 of the Financial Advisory Panel (Closed, results pending)

The Financial Advisory Panel will meet with Yukoners in 15 communities in September and October to present and discuss options that help support Yukon’s vision for a bright financial future. The panel has used public input to create options for the Government of Yukon on how it should manage the territory’s finances, and is now seeking feedback on these options.

Participate in online discussions >>

Read the news release and quick facts >>

Seeking public opinion on Cannabis legalization in Yukon (closed, results pending)

The government is looking for public input on a number of territorial issues surrounding cannabis, including how and where it will be sold, where it can be consumed, and how to address impaired driving and workplace safety.

Results of the survey are expected to be posted to this site by November 15, 2017.

Read more about cannabis and legalization >>

Updating the Legal Profession Act engagement (closed, results posted)

Yukon is updating the Legal Profession Act in order to protect and serve the public's interests in policy and in practice, and improve access to legal services. A new Legal Profession Act will address:

o changes in the legal profession regarding the provision of legal services;

o regulation of the legal profession; and,

o the practical difficulties with the current Act that present limitations in implementing its provisions, such as outdated, restrictive, and unclear language and procedures that may be inconsistent with best practices or developments in common law.

The stakeholder engagement process for a new Legal Profession Act for Yukon was undertaken using multiple streams. Yukon’s Department of Justice and the Law Society of Yukon began meeting in in spring 2017 to form a Drafting Advisory Group. This group served to review the issues contemplated on the Law Society’s 2011 policy paper, Toward a New Legal Profession Act, and its subsequent addendums, and worked together to provide drafting instructions throughout the process.

The Department of Justice also sent letters (dated August 8, 2017) targeting Yukon legal stakeholders and Yukon First Nations, along with a discussion document, inviting them to provide input on the discussion document’s questions by mail, phone or email, or to meet with the department either face to face or by teleconference to discuss issues of stakeholder importance. Those meetings were completed by the end of the week of September 22, 2017.

The discussion document was also leveraged as an online public survey hosted by Statistics Yukon and the Department of Justice. The survey was available to complete online or over the phone with Department of Justice officials from August 18, 2017 to September 11, 2017.

Download 2017 Legal Profession Act engagement results report >> 450 KB PDF

Seeking public input on the carbon price rebate (closed, results pending)

The Government of Yukon is seeking public input on how it can best develop a rebate that will return revenues from the federal carbon price to Yukoners and local businesses.

In addition to engaging with Yukon residents, the Government of Yukon will also hold conversations with Yukon First Nations, municipal governments and local industry.

The rebate program will be informed by responses received during the engagement period.

Participate in the survey >>

Read more about the carbon price rebate and this initiative >>

This survey is focused on the carbon price rebate. If you would like to submit feedback to the federal government on the federal carbon pricing backstop please email:, and we will pass your feedback on to our federal counterparts.

Seeking public opinion on missing persons legislation (closed, with results)



What was this engagement about?

The Yukon Government was looking to develop legislation as a mechanism to assist the RCMP with missing persons investigations and sought the views of targeted stakeholders and the general public to assist in drafting this type of legislation.

When a loved one is missing, time is of the essence. The RCMP are currently limited in their ability to investigate reports of missing persons when there is no evidence of criminal activity.

Missing persons legislation allows the RCMP to move more quickly and efficiently on missing persons investigations by providing a mechanism for obtaining a court order to access specific information (e.g., telephone, banking, travel and health records), while balancing considerations for an individual’s privacy.

Balancing privacy rights with the authorization for access to personal information was an important consideration with this legislation.

The stakeholder engagement process for the Missing Persons Act for Yukon was undertaken using multiple streams. The government conducted a public consultation that lasted from July 4 to September 11, 2017. The Department of Justice sent letters in early to mid-July targeting Yukon First Nations, the judiciary, the Information and Privacy Commissioner, the Yukon RCMP, the Human Rights Commission, women’s organizations and legal bar. Included with the letter was a discussion document, inviting them to provide input on the discussion document’s questions by mail, phone or email, or to meet with the department either face to face or by teleconference to discuss issues of stakeholder importance. Follow up letters were sent out in early August to all of the original recipients, and an additional third follow up took place in September with those three Yukon First Nations that already have existing information and privacy laws to ensure any potential conflicts were identified.

The discussion document was also leveraged as an online public survey hosted by Statistics Yukon and the Department of Justice. The survey was available to complete online or over the phone with Department of Justice officials from July 4th to September 11th and asked for feedback from respondents on five questions.

Results at a glance

Overall, the majority of input during the consultation phase was supportive of the development of missing persons legislation. Those concerns that were raised related primarily to the need to ensure there were proper protections in place in the legislation to protect an individual’s privacy rights.

The Department of Justice prepared a discussion document that was widely circulated and asked the following questions during the consultation period. A total of 55 responses were received via the online survey. The following is an account of the survey results, along with some of the more descriptive feedback we received, either in support of or against the policy direction that has formed the bulk of the drafting instructions.

Read more of the report >>  331 KB PDF

Seeking public opinion on the Pounds Act (closed, with results)

The government is seeking public input regarding any or all of the following amendments to the Pounds Act:

  • A new definition of "animal."
  • Who can capture and contain animals and enforce the Pounds Act.
  • Eliminating Yukon pounds districts and boundaries.
  • Updating penalty options.
  • New methods for identifying impounded animals.

Please note that the Pounds Act does not include the care of domestic animals such as cats and dogs.

Lean more about the proposed Pounds Act amendments >>


The Department of Energy, Mines and Resources conducted engagements with Yukon First Nations, municipalities, stakeholders and the public from July 11, 2017 to August 11, 2017.

A discussion paper/comment submission form was used to solicit feedback on the proposed amendments. This discussion paper was posted online and mailed directly to all Yukon First Nations.


The discussion paper is available for download on the Energy, Mines and Resources, Agriculture Branch website at A French version is also available. The Pounds Act is available at

Pounds Act engagement results >>

Financial planning survey (closed)

The survey ran from June 14 to July 14, 2017.

Results of the engagement will are expected by the fall of 2017 and will be posted at

You can still comment on the engagement and Yukon's finances at

The Financial Advisory Panel was created to engage Yukoners. We want to work together to come up with options for how to deal with these financial challenges. The Panel would like feedback from the public on how the government can deliver on its priorities, meet the needs of Yukoners and return the territory to a healthy financial position.

The Panel is independent of government and will operate for a limited period of time with the support of the Department of Finance.




Results of the mobile home survey (May 1, 2017)

The Government of Yukon has released the results of a survey on mobile home tenancies conducted by the Yukon Bureau of Statistics last year.

Results from the government communications survey report (May 2017)

Thank you to those who participated in our online and phone survey about information and government communications! This information will be used to help the Government of Yukon better share important information to Yukoners and improve the way we engage with the public.

The survey was conducted online and by phone, and asked Yukoners where they go to find information, what Yukon government campaigns they remember seeing, what media outlets they use, and how they prefer to be engaged by the government.

Download the survey report  500 KB >>

Proposed change for campground regulations and results

The results of the 2016 campground survey are now publicly available, and have found that a key concern of campers is people holding campsites when the campsites are not actually being used. Campers asked for clear rules, fair access and enforcement of the rules.

Based on the survey results, the Government of Yukon is proposing to change the Regulation in the Parks and Land Certainty Act to limit the time campsites may be left unoccupied and increase the fine for not adhering to this rule.

Learn more: