Government of Yukon

Flora and Fauna

Yukon’s vegetation is classified as sub-arctic and alpine. Boreal forests cover 57% of the land and there are more than 200 species of wildflowers.

Caribou in the Aishik Lake region
Photo: caribou in the Aishik Lake region

Yukon is home to large mammals such as moose, caribou, sheep, bears, bison and wolves. It is also home to thousands of northern migratory birds (swans, ducks and geese) that can be viewed when they stop along their journey to northern Yukon nesting grounds. Bald and golden eagles are common, while ptarmigan, grouse and at least 21 species of hawks and owls call Yukon home. Northern fish species such as arctic grayling, northern pike and lake trout are found in eddies and outflows of streams in lakes.

Wildlife groups (not including domestics) as of September 2007

Amphibians | 4 species
Fish (freshwater) | 36 species
Mammals (not human) | 66 species
Birds | 227 species
Butterflies | 92 species
Large moths | 286 species
Dragonflies | 40 species
Spiders | over 300 species
Insects (total) | over 6,000 species
Mosses | over 400 species
Vascular plants | 1,242 species